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Nail services

Gel polish

New ones with color gel 60€ 

New French 70€ 

New with decorations 70-80€ 

Removal of gel polish without new gel application (incl. cleaning of nails and cuticles) 40€ 

Removal of gel polish in connection with new gel polish 10€ 

In gel polish, the color gel is applied to your own nail without adding length to the nail. With gel polish, even very short nails can be made to look impressive. The gel strengthens your own nail, so weak, flaking nails get the support they need from gel strengthening. With gel polish, you can keep your nails looking good for 3-5 weeks, depending on the growth rate of your nails.

Gel structure nails 

New structure nails with colored gel 90€ 

New structural nails French 105€ 

New structural nails with decorations 105-115€ 

Extra long nails +20€ 

Structural nail maintenance 85€ (max. 3 detached nails. If more nails have detached, make an appointment for new nails) 

Removal of structural nails without new structural nails 50€ 

In gel structure nails, the length of the nail is built up with gel. The maintenance interval for structural nails is usually 3-4 weeks. The customer chooses the shape and length he wants for the nails. Structural nails are a good choice if, for example, you bite your nails. With their help, your nails will be immediately beautiful and your own nail will be allowed to grow under the gel coat. This can help you get rid of nail biting. Structured nails are also suitable for those who want their nails to be longer than their own nails.

Make-up services

Day make-up 60€ (60 min) 

Day make-up is a lighter, fresh and bright make-up that is suitable for everyday life, work or even a job interview.

Evening make-up 90€ (90min)

Evening make-up is stronger make-up than day make-up. In evening make-up, the eyes and lips are emphasized more than in day make-up.

Wedding make-up 150€

* including trial make-up 

You can also choose wedding makeup without a trial makeup. Then book an appointment for evening make-up. 

Our bridal make-up service is designed to enhance the natural beauty of the bride, ensuring a radiant and timeless look that lasts throughout the wedding day.

Wedding make-up should be booked well in advance. 

A trial make-up is recommended so that the make-up is exactly what the bride wants.

* Note: before you book an appointment for any of the permanent make-up services below, to protect your health and wellbeing, we kindly ask you to complete the enquiry form here

Permanent make-up: eyebrows 220€

Powder Brows is a shading technique that creates a soft, powdery finish on the eyebrows. This technique can achieve either a very soft and natural result or a bold and striking outcome, depending on the desired look. With this technique, the entire pigmentation is applied in a blended manner, and there are no defined outlines on the eyebrows. 

Permanent make-up: lips 220€

The permanent lips pigmentation would enhance your natural lips and give them a beautiful hue. The service includes a consultation.  

Permanent make-up: eyeliner upper lid 180€

This service is applied only to the upper eyelids. Permanent pigmentation is somewhat similar to tattooing, but the color only remains in the top layer of the skin.  

Permanent make-up: enhancement 

* Eyebrows (120€), lips (120€) and eyelids (100€) 

The enhancement visit - also called the verification visit or touch-up - must be done within 1-2 months of the initial treatment. It is intended primarily for customers who have already received the first services at Viinos. If you are visiting us for the touch-up of a service you have received from another beauty salon, this will be charged at the full price of an initial treatment. 

Lash lift

Permanent bending of eyelashes, Lash lift 75€

Permanent eyelash curling gives your eyelashes a natural look. 

In permanent curling, the eyelashes are bent from the base of the eyelash upwards and dyed. 

The effect of bending lasts 4-12 weeks, depending on the growth rate of your eyelashes. The effect of coloring lasts for 3-4 weeks. 

Do not irrigate the eyes for 24 hours after treatment. Saunas and swimming should be avoided for 48 hours after treatment.

Brow lift

Brow lift 60€ 

Lash lift and Brow lift together 110€ 

By laminating the brows, you can make the brows look more impressive and bushier. At the same time, the brows are shaped and colored. 

In the method, the angle is raised, as in permanent eyelash curling. 

The effect lasts about 4-6 weeks. 

The brows can be wetted and washed 24 hours after installation. 

Brow lamination and permanent bending are not performed on children under 16, nor during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Henna eyebrow dyeing


With henna coloring, you get beautiful and natural eyebrows. 

Henna color does not contain oxygen, like normal permanent colors. Oxygen dries the hair and weakens the condition of your own hair. Henna, on the other hand, strengthens and makes the hair shiny. 

The color is natural and lasts up to 6 weeks in the hair. The eyebrows are shaped and the color is chosen according to the customer's wishes. 

Henna coloring is also suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people under the age of 18. (Dyeing with chemical substances is not recommended for people under 18.) 

Dyeing is not done if the skin is broken or you are allergic to henna. If necessary, you can do an allergy sensitivity test on a small area of ​​skin one day before dyeing.

Permanent dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows 

Permanent eyelash tinting €25 

Permanent coloring and shaping of eyebrows €29

Eyelash and eyebrow coloring together €49