Current team


Hi, I'm Oksana, a certified permanent make-up artist with 5 years of experience.' I hold a Certificate from the "Roza Lux" school-studio and I have received advanced training from the Global Creative Masters (GCM) championship  in Ukraine.

I'm passionate about crafting stunning looks. My background adds a unique blend of Ukrainian and Finnish influences to my work, allowing me to bring a fresh perspective to enhancing your natural beauty. I keep up with the latest trends in permanent makeup through continuous learning, ensuring innovative techniques for excellent results. 

My key qualities are perseverance, responsibility, attentiveness, and accuracy. I use premium equipment and adhere to strict sanitary standards with sterile disposable consumables during procedures.



Language skills: Ukrainian (mother-tongue), Russian (fluent), Finnish (good), and English (good).


I'm Gemma and I graduated from the Toni&Guy hair academy in London in 2008. I'm a versatile hairdresser and I am qualified in the following types of services: color, cut, keratin treatments, ionic straightening, hair extensions in all techniques: braiding, sew-in extensions, tape, mago, lace wig. I have experience working with the following hair types European/Asian/Latino and Afro-Latino hair. I have worked on Finnish television and periodicals as well as many other social media content.


Hello, I'm Marwa, a hairdresser, barber, nails and eyelashes technician and I am certified for all the mentioned beauty services. I love my job and I strive to be successful in the beauty industry. I hope you will visit our salon and benefit from my experience and enjoy the excellent services we provide you with. I'm here for you and welcome!



Salon managers

Gelas, Shalaw & Shapol 

We are a family of three: a mother (Gelas) and her two sons (Shalaw and Shapol). We are new to the beauty industry. Our aim is to establish a salon that is beautiful itself, besides offering great quality services to customers. Usually, only one of us is active and involved in the project at a given time. Our guiding management principle is that 'a manager's role is to care for the rest of the team, while the latter's role is to care for customers'. When both the rest of the team and customers are happy, then the business flourishes, which in turn makes the manager happy.